BuzzFeed: The Future of Racial Dialogue

We’re all familiar with BuzzFeed. The popular site attracts millions of unique viewers with a bunch of hilarious gifs about everything from Lena Dunham to President Obama.

But BuzzFeed also includes content that many young millennials subconsciously try to avoid.


BuzzFeed publishes an impressive amount of articles which tackle race relations in America. And BuzzFeed does so in a very clever way. Through a series of pointed sentences and visual media, BuzzFeed ironically articulates racial opinions that even the most skeptical or passive of readers can understand. The sarcasm embedded in the limited words, and the drastic pictures and gifs that accompany them, are striking.

Take this piece about white privilege, an uncomfortably impressive example.

white privilege

Michael Blackmon masterfully crafted his piece with shocking imagery and poignant words that remind us of the realities of white privilege. The concept of white privilege is a controversial one, with some believing that it’s existence is a fiction propagated by liberal white guilt. However, Blackmon responds with a meme that adequately responds to such a fallacy…

white privilege 1

BuzzFeed succeeds in the racial discussion because it knows how to communicate. Millennial culture is quick and simple. We are hastily engaged and then we move on to the next hot topic. In our rapid digestion of cultural intake, we consume messages without an added layer of insight, expression, or reflection. Sure, if the topic interests us, we’ll delve deeper. But as we’re walking to class or procrastinating from school work, we find little pockets of time to indulge.

BuzzFeed understand that completely.

Another great example of a BuzzFeed race relation is found here as Heben Nigatu shares 27 token Black kids have to deal with.

Token Black Kid

And another fantastic piece detailing personal experiences with microaggressions.
No, You're WhiteNot Your China DollLimited Representation

Clear and crisp.

With the mainstreaming of hip hop, the rising rates of African Americans graduating from college and finding employment, and the election of the nation’s first Black president, society has forgotten about racial injustice. Inequities are woefully guised as isolated incidents with no bearing or resemblance to a systematic structure. We are failing at national racial dialogue because very few understand (or even care to understand) the comprehensive underpinnings of race in America.

Racial dialogue has become a foreign language to the minds of our young people.

BuzzFeed is helping us translate.


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