Blacks’ Call for Obama Lynching

In today’s showing of self-hate, Republican candidate for a Florida House, Joshua Black, seat reportedly tweeted that President Obama should be hanged, Gawker brilliantly reports.

House FB Status

Oh wait… there’s more…

Joshua Black

And more…

Chris L and Josh B tweet

This all on the day that honors Martin Luther King, Jr., the most celebrated vanguards for peace and social justice in American history. I’m glad Joshua Black got the message.

Mr. Black is one of the many examples of self-hate in the American political space. It appears that a fringe number of African American politicians are running to the far right for acceptance and approval In order to solidify their standing with the racist base, they become more radical and offensive.

What’s tragic about such a situation is that Joshua Black (and others like him) do not realize they were merely pawns in a calculated effort to dispel cursory accusations of racism. They are replaceable figures in a crippled contraption; they are an excuse to further promote racist ideologies by being the ironic standard-bearers.

Like when racists like Rush Limbaugh say its okay to use the N-word, because “Black people do.” Or like when that idiot from Duck Dynasty said enslaved Blacks were happy. Racists are notorious for using select Black experiences or figures to justify systemic and widespread subjugation. And Joshua Black is feeding into this practice.

It’s very clear that Mr. Black is trying to gain favor with that rogue conservative base whose enthusiasm and innuendo mirror that of a lynch mob. What Joshua Black should realize, is that no matter how much he panders, they will never view him as an equal. He will always be their token mouthpiece, one to simultaneously justify racist practice, while assuaging unsuspecting masses that such a thing never occurs.

White privilege dictates that one Black voice is a voice for us all.

That’s not to say he shouldn’t disagree with the President, or call to question is foreign policy and military action. That’s the cornerstone of democracy; to have varying points of view in which public discourse prompts executive, legislative, or judicial action.

As a Black man, Joshua Black is not obligated to support President Obama through and through. However, he should, with no hesitation, respect such a man who overcame remarkable hurdles to sit in the Oval Office.

And is should disgusted to even think of the President being lynched in a country where such violence was encouraged by law. Joshua Black says we must read American history, after all.


One response to “Blacks’ Call for Obama Lynching

  1. I don’t think Obama should be hanged but he should be arrested for war crimes along with Bush and Cheney…how many kids do you have to blow to pieces in drone strikes before people stop comparing him to MLK? He’s done nothing but serve imperialism/ corporations from Day one in office….I’m glad Mr. Black pointed out real facts instead of just the stupid he’s a socialist propaganda (because he isn’t, I wish it was, and I wish more Americans understood what socialism actually is)…I just think him saying the hang part was to get attention and votes from the conservative base which I don’t like.


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