Tarantino’s Mad Cuz You Read His Script, But Leaks are Sooooo 90s

QT mad

The Internet could make or break you. We know this truth to be self-evident. Especially as celebrities rely on our patience to reap in their profits.

However, the entertainment industry is slowly coming to the inevitable (and rather obvious) truth that the Internet exists, and instead of fighting the onslaught of online pirates, you might as well beat them at their own game.

It’s sort of like when my high school AP Literature teacher encouraged us to use Spark Notes because she knew we would any way. She said rely on SN for the overall story and general themes, but use the actual written language to see how those themes are executed. Best of both worlds, really.

The same is being done in the entertainment sector; the music sector especially. Mixtapes are the go-to for up and coming artists. YouTube videos foster viewership and solidify a fan base.

Recently, artists are more creative in how they market their work. Jay Z made his Magna Carta Holy Grail available through a Samsung app before it hit the shelves. JT released his 20/20 Experience for free a week before the official release date. Kanye Kardashian plastered his face on the sides of buildings to promote Yeezus, which then prompted J. Cole to push up his release date of the highly regarded Born Sinner (which, might I add, is a far superior album)

And, lest we forget Beyoncé, who completely obliterated the Internet a few weeks ago with her surprise self-titled album replete with visuals, and available exclusively through iTunes. With absolutely no promotion, she went platinum in just a few short days. Impressive doesn’t even cut it.

The music industry is seemingly adapting to the Internet. It’s amazing that just a few short years ago, artists were fearful of early leaks and pirated music. But now, not only is it expected, it’s being developed and incorporated into business models.

The movie industry is slow on the upkeep, though. Hollywood is having trouble adjusting to the online community. Case in point, the latest Tarantino v. Gawker fiasco.

I won’t get into details, because they’re boring. But basically, Gawker published links to sites that leaked his latest movie script, The Hateful Eight. Tarantino shelved the project, and now he’s suing them. blahblahblah

Already, fans are taking sides, which is ridiculous. Copyright issues notwithstanding, the Hollywood market is just not moving quickly enough with the current fray. Maybe it’s a mentality thing; Hollywood still feels that leaks hinder sales.

Which isn’t entirely untrue.

The music and movie markets are set up much differently; apples and oranges. With music, ownership is immediate; you order a CD from iTunes or go to a store, you buy the album, and then it’s yours. No waiting, no questions. Movies are different though. You visit the theater, see the movie, fall in love with it, and then wait 2 months for it to be released on Blu-Ray.

And the costs, relative to music, are absurd. Ticket prices are skyrocketing, so too are the snacks at the concession stand. In one night, you could spend $30 at a movie theater… and another $30 when it comes out on DVD. And for some of us, a shirtless Brad Pitt or an emo Johnny Depp just isn’t worth 60 bucks.

And let’s not even delve into Netflix and how that revolutionized everything mankind ever knew about anything.

Movies have to be EPIC nowadays. Like Avengers, Wolf of Wall Street, Avatar kind of epic. And maybe, QT is feeling a bit insecure. Who knows? But I know that reading a script wouldn’t necessarily contribute to declining sales. If anything, it could cause excitement.

Adapt Tarantino, adapt!


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