VIDEO: Beyonce to Ban Bossy

In a new campaign launched today, Beyoncé teams up with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Condoleezza Rice, Diane von Furstenberg, Jennifer Garner, Jane Lynch and more in a new initiative to empower young female leaders.

The Ban Bossy campaign seeks to banish the word which implies women leaders are not simply being leaders, but are bossy for exerting their direction and influence.

Watch below.

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8 responses to “VIDEO: Beyonce to Ban Bossy

  1. I understand what these successful, leaders are saying. I love the fact that they are all women too!!! A lot of people don’t look at stuff like this as a big deal, but it is because you have tons of women who sit back in silence out of fear or stress of what someone may label them or call them, but all of that can change if we become courageous bosses!!!


  2. Very interesting campaign. As a person who has often been labeled as “bossy”, I definitely support this movement 100%. I think this not only impacts the world’s view of a woman leader/boss, but also women’s own view of themselves a leaders and bosses. You don’t know how many times ive heard women state “I hate a female boss” about women that I felt were GREAT at managing their staff.


  3. Great goal, bad methodology. They have great intentions but that single word is not as powerful or negative as they are making it seem. It’s not specifically targeted at females and many people aren’t even offended or deterred by it.

    And since this seems to be aimed at youth what are the practical implications? Time-outs or suspensions for offenders? Is this a one word at a time approach and other demeaning words will be added next? I could see it being for older folk to abstain from using the word to describe women leaders in articles and other media.

    Promoting ambition and embracing leadership in women and young girls is important but this just doesn’t seem like it could be very effective.


    • I agree with you. I’m on the fence with this one. I think it would be a more potent campaign if it were to “Ban Bitches” … but Beyonce uses the word in her lyrics, which would render her involvement hypocritical.


  4. Not sure how I feel about this campaign yet. What’s the purpose. You have bosses that are bossy. You have bosses that are not bossy. You have people that are bossy, but not a boss.


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