Thanks for Not Caring about Kimye’s Wedding

This weekend, Kimye got married somewhere in Italy… and no one seemed to care. Maybe because we were all too invested in the tragedy at Isla Vista, California. Gunman Elliot Rodgers massacred six people before committing suicide, following a series of disturbing videos and posts that expressed nothing more than racism and misogyny.

The privileged and entitled asshole blamed women for his woes. A virgin, Elliot claimed that women were not interested in him, despite his obvious charm and gentlemanly tendencies. Clearly, he’s quite a catch.

His hatred … his vitriol … his misogyny fueled a tremendous response on social media, with the hashtag #YesALLWomen trending on Twitter, and a coalescence of women tweeting their experiences of assault and harassment. The responses were emotional, raw, and honest. In those moments, women were not ashamed to espouse their insights to an anonymous audience of survivors, mothers, sisters, daughters, neighbors, and friends.

This weekend, we saw, once again, how powerful a tool social media can be when everyone takes the time to interact effectively without fear of judgment or retribution.

The beauty of humanity was revealed with every tweet. We did not let the media disregard the obvious misogyny underlying Elliot’s actions. We did not let “experts” delve into empty notions about mental illness or gun control. Instead, we focused the attention on absolute truth that when privilege and entitlement meets rape culture, slut shaming, and domestic violence, the results can be more than devastating.

This weekend, we taught society a lesson; that we are more educated, aware, and vocal about the harms women face just by nature of being women. We held a powerful dialogue that was more potent, honest, and necessary than a celebrity sideshow.


3 responses to “Thanks for Not Caring about Kimye’s Wedding

  1. Great post sis! I am SO tired of these two. The fact that you don’t care about them gives me hope for the younger generation. Their marriage is irrelevant to the larger things going on in the world.
    Besides,I think this is what their future may look like. Just a little comedy to lighten things


  2. That was an amazing video… “Misogyny actually kills women”… needs to get louder as a realization so thanks for posting, yet again.

    You probably already did but did you happen to catch the Ta Nehisi Coates article on reparations for the black community? Which he explains a little different than it sounds… His historical facts and the macrocosm-microcosm way of spelling out slavery then and now and what America was built on and owes was intense, smart, and spot on. After I read the article, I noticed Coates being interviewed by Bill Moyers several days later as well… in case you want to check that out. Coates is getting good and necessary traction. I hope everyone reads his long article. It’s worth the time and a must read.


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