Laugh in the Face of Prejudice; How Black Millennials Talk Race

Buzzfeed does it again with this wonderful parody about race relations. The title speaks for itself, but the content is revealing about how misguided and ignorant some white people (millennials, in particular) can be towards Black people.

Of course, the video was met with some criticism, but discomfort has been thoroughly quieted with overwhelming amounts of support. However, the criticisms ranged from “not all white people are racist…” and other common sense points that any person with two brain cells already knew. For one, this video isn’t about racism, it’s about prejudice manifested through microaggressions that people of color are overwhelmingly confronted with.

Other critics whined along the “reverse racism” argument. Which is thoroughly debunked by the absolute fact that reverse racism doesn’t exist. Racism is built on power. Those groups with power (read: white people) are able to systematically oppress others. Hence, when groups (read: Black people) fall victim to deliberate oppression, they have little to no means of fighting them.

We’re living in the era where Black millennials are speaking out in the forms of racism we’re confronted with. The movie Dear White People is slated to come out in October, and already the cyberwaters are rippling in anticipation.

It appears that race relations when told from Black (or people of color, in general) to white need to be done with an element of satire. That the best way to get the message of prejudice and microaggressions across is through lighthearted discourse that packs a punch underneath.


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