The Daily Musing: 6.30.14.

The Daily Musing: Today’s top stories in Black media

1. SCOTUS Regulates Vaginas Everywhere

The Black: In yet another repudiation of President Obama and his message of inclusiveness, the Supreme Court ruled that for-profit employers can deny birth control coverage based on personal religious beliefs. The ruling strikes a blow to Obamacare and women’s rights, and sets a resounding precedent that, not only are companies people, but they’re allowed to marginalize vulnerable populations based on ambiguous religious tenets.

The Musing: It’s clear that SCOTUS has turned into a partisan entity, with conservative justices further crippling precarious rights and privileges. The fates of vaginas are being decided by these hunks.

2. Beyonce is the Most Powerful Celebrity in 2014

Photo Cred: Forbes

Photo Cred: Forbes

The Black: Forbes named Beyonce the most powerful celebrity of 2014, beating out Oprah, who dropped from 1 to 4. Beyonce’s feats are hard to forget: a surprise album and an army of hefty endorsement deals earned her $115 million in one year. LeBron James, Dr. Dre, and Ellen Degeneres carved out the top 5. Hubby Jay Z made the top 10 at number 6.

The Musing: The entrepreneurial side of me is impressed. The feminist side … not so much.

3. Nicki Minaj Throws Sunny Shade at Iggy Azalea

The Black: In what’s sure to be the dullest “beef” in FeMC Feuds, Nicki Minaj took a jab at Iggy Azalea at last night’s BET Awards. The rapper (who’s thankfully forgoing the purple wigs for a natural look) implied that Azalea has ghostwriters. “When you hear Nicki Minaj spit…Nicki Minaj wrote it.” A boring slight considering the rumors that she writes for her mentor, Lil Wayne.

The Musing: Free Remy.

4. Google to Give Learning Vouchers to Minorities and Women

Photo Cred: Made With Code

Photo Cred: Made With Code

The Black: In an effort to diversify, tech giant Google is giving out vouchers to minorities and women to learn to code. The “Made With Code” initiative comes after an embarrassing report that women only make up 30% of Google employees, and Blacks and Hispanics making up 1% and 2%, respectively.

The Musings: Hmmm…. it seems like big business are finally seeing the upside of diverse inclusion. Sign up for your voucher if you fit the bill.

5. Black President Forced to Resign after Mocking Douchebag White Boys

Photo Cred: Gawker

Photo Cred: Gawker

The Black: Maya Peterson was stripped of her position as Black student president at an exclusive New Jersey prep school after posting pics on her Instagram mocking the privileged, racist bros she goes to school with.

The Musings: For the last time, reverse racism doesn’t exist. Racism is a power dynamic, of which you hold the upper hand. Rich white males, you’re sure to keep your privilege, wealth, opportunities, and other unearned advantages regardless if a photo hurts your feelings or not.


10 responses to “The Daily Musing: 6.30.14.

  1. Good lord we need term limits on the Supreme Court. These clowns are so disconnected from reality it’s pathetic. Of course, we have congressmen who think the Earth is 6000 years old as active members of federal science committees, so…


      • You know how in history, we sometimes don’t see what happened until well after it happened? I think people will one day look back on the economic crash of 2008 as the moment the U.S. became a plutocracy. Destroying the chance for mobility was the death blow for regular people. We constantly get fed lines like “you just have to work harder” by people who inherited their millions. Then when it turns out you work plenty hard, “you picked the wrong thing to work hard at. You should have had better sense.” It’s always your fault, of course.

        These old guys whose jobs went away or whose savings were eaten up by Reaganomics listen to talk radio all day and get brainwashed into thinking poor people are their enemy. Somehow, they are furious at a Mexican border crosser but not at the CEO who laid them off while still collecting a 50 million dollar bonus and not paying taxes.


  2. 3. Iggy is a Nicki Knockoff hell you can’t tell TI is writing her ish though, she sounds just like him even down to her flow lol.


  3. I agree with 5, it’s like a bunch of men accusing a woman of sexism… sir….with racism, for a black person to be racist, you first need institutionalized black supremacy…and that does not exist. Institutionalized white supremacy/racism does.


  4. All I can say is… well said. The majority of SCOTUS must have been drunk. The women of SCOTUS, though, got it right. We need more of them there.


  5. Oh, well the government doesn’t want women to feel liberated and taking good care of their bodies to who will be the person who will be called dad. This is just another trick that women who have been denied contraceptives mooch more of the government when they get welfare. Don’t know why? Beyonce isn’t my role model so why I have to talk to a so-called artist that have a weird vibe. Minaj is another example, at least she let go the exaggerated barbie prop for more natural look but still, I’m not convinced of her “artistic” skills. Google did a good deed for minorities and women but still, they need more than giving vouchers. Black President shouldn’t be forced to resign, she could sue them back for obstruction of freedom of speech. She didn’t offend the white boys, she was making fun of them, because they’re taking everything for granted while minorities are always struggling. Good post.


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