The Daily Musing: 7.21.14

Today’s top stories in the Blackosphere 

1. Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner Bratton launch investigation into Eric Garner’s death.

Photo Cred: Newsday

Photo Cred: Newsday

The Black: Policeman Daniel Pantaleo was ordered to turn in his gun and badge after grueling video surfaced of him putting Eric Garner, an asthmatic father of six, in a chokehold last week. City medical examiners have not yet determined a cause of death. Mayor de Blasio, who ran on an liberal platform against police brutality, has ordered an investigation with Police Commissioner Bratton and the Civilian Complaint Review Board. NYPD prohibits chokeholds as a use of force.

The Musing: Oh please. Can we not waste taxpayer dollars with an “investigation”? Officer Pantaleo clearly used prohibited and excessive force. Let’s skip the semantics and call this investigation what it is: a search to find ways to absolve the city of any responsibility.

2. President Obama signs gay-friendly executive order.

Photo Cred: Talking Points Memo

Photo Cred: Talking Points Memo

The Black: President Obama signed an executive order that prohibits federal agencies from discriminating against LGBTQ people. The order does not provide religious exemptions. The order comes following the House of Reps’ inability to pass a similar order penned by the Senate.

The Musing: Republicans Congress needs to get their act together. They’re doing everything they can to be on the wrong side of history. Here’s the simple truth: it’s despicable to discriminate agains the LGBTQ community.

3. Kenya takes a tumble

The Black: Housewives of Atlanta star, Kenya Moore, tumbled off stage thus proving (once again) that reality tv is the black hole of public grace.

The Musing: 

Phaedra gif

4. Kanye West GQ interview

Photo Cred: GQ

Photo Cred: GQ

The Black: Kanye West sat down with GQ to discuss Kanye, Kim, Kanye, Jay, and Kanye.

The Musing: I’m tired of making fun of Kanye. When in truth, he’s an luminary, visionary, and vanguard. Salute that man.

photo 1     Arielle Newton, Editor-in-Chief. Give us a shout @BlkMillennials


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