4 Things Curt Clawson Taught Me

In case you missed it, on Thursday, freshman congressman, Rep. Curt Clawson mistook two U.S. government officials as representatives for the Indian government. Nisha Biswal and Arun Kumar work for the State Dept. and Commerce Dept. respectively.

After lauding them with praise about “their” country, etc., Ms. Biswal gently corrected him with incredible restraint. Mr. Kumar was a little bit more liberal in his incredulity.

This exchange is probably one of the greatest examples of white privilege and microaggressions. Another exasperating example of how non-whites are inherently less than and are unable to claim American ownership. Outright racism (i.e. lynchings and slurs) aren’t acceptable in polite society, but the motivations behind such actions still linger in our daily activities.

Rep. Clawson highlights so many things about race and government. Here’s a quick list I put together.

1. Racism and prejudice still exist.

Despite the misplaced paean proffered by our dear Rep. Clawson, it’s obvious that his pedantic pandering reveal a deep-seated belief that non-whites, especially those in high ranking positions, are inherently un-American.

2. Citizens United be damned.

The controversial SCOTUS decision that allowed for unlimited funds to be spent in elections, gave rise to the Tea Party. Millions upon millions of dollars coupled with gerrymandering, have made the Tea Party a relatively impenetrable bloc within the GOP. The GOP Establishment are now scared of the monster they created; the out-of-control Teapotty are threatening the economic viability of the government as a whole.

3. Congress isn’t as smart as they like to project.

Being a representative is certainly noteworthy, but I’d hazard a guess that some Congresspeople aren’t as smart as we’d like to think. How difficult is it get a briefing about the meeting you’re about to attend?

4. Republicans will get creamed in the next few years

Keep it up GOP. At this rate, you’re never gonna be elected to the White House. Keep alienating people of color, young people, and homosexuals, and instead, cater to the flippant whims of a few aging crazies. It seems to be working out very well for you.

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Arielle Newton, Editor-in-Chief. Get at me @BlackMusings. Get at us @BlkMillennials.


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