Keke to Star as Broadway’s First Black Cinderella! 5 Reasons Why She’s Just Awesome

From child star to burgeoning media mogul, Keke Palmer shows us yet again, that Black millennials are to be taken seriously. In a recent announcement, Keke will star on Broadway as Cinderella. Yes, that Cinderella… the Cinderella we know with the blond hair and blue eyes.

An ethnic Cinderella isn’t new; Brandy starred as the iconic character alongside an extremely multiracial cast. The TV adaptation was praised for it’s progressive representation of families and communities. And now, Keke Palmer, at just 20 years old, will continue that legacy.

So, it’s time to applaud Ms. Palmer for the milestones she’s made at such a young age. Here’s just 5 reasons (of many) why she’s awesome.

1. She’s not out here acting crazy.

How often do you see young, rich 20somethings acting foolish for no good reason? How often do we hear tales of child stars that grow up too soon only to lose everything due to drugs, sex, and excessive partying? Well Keke is not of the sort. Thrust into the spotlight at an early age, Keke has always managed to keep a clear head. As she’s grown up, she’s gone from cute to sophisticated, serving as an example of how young, powerful people should carry themselves when given so many opportunities and coveted resources.

2. She’s the youngest person in history of have her own talk show.

At 20 years young, Keke is the youngest person to ever host a talk show. Airing on BET at 5pm EST, Just Keke is a variety show covering everything pop culture.

3. She was one of the highest paid actresses on Nick.

After the cancellation of All That, Taina, and Kenan & Kel, Nickelodeon instead geared their programming to an predominately white audience. Shows starring the “perfect” white preteen with a barely-there singing abilities dominated the airwaves. And in the midst of all of this, Keke reigned supreme starring in Tru Jackson, VP, where she reportedly earned $20,000 an episode.

4. She killed it as Chilli

Keke starred as Chilli in the highly anticipated and controversial TLC biopic. And she absolutely SLAYED that role.

5. She’s actually talented. Like for serious. She’s talented.

How many times are we given celebrities that just aren’t that talented. They’re doctored up and manufactured before us as avant garde and cutting edge, when really, they all came from identical corporate assembly lines. But not Keke. A breath of fresh air in the era of conformity, Keke is an authentic darling with the chops to match.

I am thrilled for the milestones that Keke is making in her career; that she is not letting this rigged game that undervalues young Black females define her profession or get in her way. Much love and support to her!

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Arielle Newton, Editor-in-Chief. Get at me @BlackMusings Get at us @BlkMillennials 


4 responses to “Keke to Star as Broadway’s First Black Cinderella! 5 Reasons Why She’s Just Awesome

  1. I support Keke so much. She is talented and humble. She loves her family so much and doesnt care if she is “hood” or “ghetto”. Great blog.


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