Cop Kills Unarmed, College Bound Black Teenager

UPDATE: According to St. Louis police, at least one shot was fired from the police vehicle. Read more about the lead up here. Although, I’d advise against it. There’s a ton of Black shaming and lies.

Did you read this headline? Did you get the gist of the situation from those 7 words? Are you now realizing the power of language when it comes reporting the news?

Well, mega news outlets dropped the ball tremendously when reporting about Michael Brown.

On Saturday, Mike Brown was shot 8 to 10 times by St. Louis area police. The details are murky, but eyewitnesses say that Brown had his arms up while he was shot. There are rumors that he was caught shoplifting, but the local store in question did not call police. In a press conference, St. Louis police say that there was a scuffle and Brown reached for the police officer’s gun. However, that’s highly unlikely given eyewitness accounts and overall lack of plausibility.

Outlets like Associated Press, AOL, and ABC misreported the murder and contributed to the journalistic arm of Black shaming.

It started with AP, who said nonviolent protestors shouted “Kill the police” In fact, they were chanting the well known slogan “No Justice, No Peace.” Without bothering to check the facts, ABC and AOL took the bait.

AP Misreporting

Twitter was quick to highlight the misreporting.


Frustrations then turned to mega outlets attention to a nonviolent crowd of protestors, and not the policeman who shot and killed Mike Brown after firing multiple shots at him.

SharkFu appropriate lead

Charles ClymerThe Twitterati then documented the incredulity that the social media platform is better at reporting than those outlets that generate billions in profit every year.

BGNHere’s a video of the protest that the media dead set on misrepresenting.

And since the media was so focused on the reactions versus the murder, Twitter then highlighted the response of local law enforcement. Ferguson, the town where the murder took place, was quickly militarized to quell potential retaliation.

There were dogs.

police with dogs

And heavy artillery.

heavy artillery

But there wasn’t action when it was most needed. The teenager who was to start college on Monday, laid dead in the street for over four hours. There were onlookers. Police blamed “angry mobs” and such. #BlackShaming.

Mike BrownThis tragedy is yet another example of what a decrepit society we live in. It’s difficult maintaining hope for a positive and fulfilling future, when our present and history say otherwise.

photo 1




Arielle Newton, Editor in Chief. @BlackMusings. Get at us @BlkMillennials


14 responses to “Cop Kills Unarmed, College Bound Black Teenager

  1. The Struggle of Blacks in America is no different from Palestinians in Gaza Strip. Same Oppressor different Country.


  2. haven’t seen one headline saying cops murdered black teen, or cops sick dogs on community that wants answers, or cops bring out tanks after killing black teenager….what I have seen is headlines like angry blacks looting, vandalizing, outrage in community, unrest….White Supremacy/Racism at work.


  3. I’m sure the cops did what they thought they had to.Nine times out of ten they encounter problems with the people they arrest.They are trying to protect themselves that have families too. I can promise you the cop didn’t shoot him for complying! !!


    • So what exactly gets one shot 8-10 times? I would love to know. I am guessing they also had the right to leave his body in the street without covering it or removing it. Please research before you post…he WASN’T arrested…and if the officer did encounter problems with him why is there no direct explanation of the shooting?


  4. The cops commit murders too, they aren’t all just superheroes like you see on TV and law and order….look up Eric Garner, Oscar Grant, Sean Bell, Reneisha Mcbride….on another note, it’s funny that the same people arguing for gun control, never utter a word when it comes to the increased militarization of police.


  5. How about we all express outrage over The
    Only Headline that should have been written. POLICE SHOOT AND KILL UNARMED TEEN. Being white or black or college bound should have NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS. I understand that racism exist to this day all over the world and not just perpetrated by or against one race. We are but one race. The human race. Racism will continue to have power over us all until we ALL STAND TOGETHER and say NO MORE!!!!!!! This child’s race is not the story ……. Prayers to the families of ALL INVOLVED.


    • If you’ve been paying any type of attention to the news over the past five years, you’d realize that this has EVERYTHING to do with race. You think they’d shoot down a poor lil white kid in the middle of the street like that and play the “self-defense” card despite the fact that the kid was UNARMED? No, they wouldn’t. In fact, the last four or five incidences that went national had BLACK children as the UNARMED victim in the crime. Matter of fact, name ONE white kid who’s died by the hands of the police UNARMED….I’ll wait. You have a point, I agree, but you don’t see the smaller picture, the REAL picture. RACISM. There’s no sugar coating it. It is what it is. We can’t come together bc THEY aren’t going to allow it. White supremacy lives on and there’s no stopping it.


  6. I would like to see video as cameras are everywhere now days . And Im sure the police car had to have had camera . Also everyone has cell phones so people need to post truth . You cant tell me not one person saw but didn’t film . Please realize that all life is important no matter what color or age the person was period .


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