#IfTheyGunnedMeDown and Other Updates on Mike Brown Tragedy

Slowly but surely, Michael Brown’s death is attracting national attention. In light of his death, President Obama issued a statement offering condolences and solidarity for the bereaved community. The statement comes after outrage over the President’s recognition of Robin Williams’ apparent suicide, without any mention of the slain college bound teenager.

President Obama statement

The FBI has officially joined in on the investigation.

Furthermore, eyewitness accounts stand in stark contradiction to official accounts. Police say that Brown (18) reached for the unnamed policeman’s gun while in the officer’s vehicle. There was a shot fired from the vehicle.

Dorian Johnson, Mike Brown’s friend who witnessed the entire incident says otherwise.

As tensions continue rising in Ferguson, the area is militarizing rapidly. Antonio French, who’s unnerving live coverage is commendable in its accuracy and consistency, posted this chilling vine on his account.

In a video captured by CNN, a local police officer is heard taunting protestors. He says “Bring it on, fucking animals!

The national response is tremendous. On Twitter, #IfTheyGunnedMeDown depicts Black males in “gangsta” attire, visibly contrasted with moderate and socially acceptable dress. Pictures are often tweeted with captions like “which picture would they use” thereby alluding to the gross misrepresentation of Black people who are victims of police brutality and vigilantism.

another soldier

partyreading to kidssoldier


photo 1





Arielle Newton, Editor in Chief. Get at me @BlackMusings. Get at us @BlkMillennials.



5 responses to “#IfTheyGunnedMeDown and Other Updates on Mike Brown Tragedy

  1. The cops are trying to cover this up just like the Trayvon murder….and the president says comfort each other…..what does that tell us…it tells me he’s down with it.


  2. I think is time that president Obama should be leaving the presidency NOW, not tomorrow, not next year, NOW! Along with all these racist jackasses in congress and senate and put real representatives that wants to heal this land from the oppression everybody has been enduring.


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