Journey to Ferguson

I’m headed to Ferguson next week because I can no longer sit by and watch the media misreport and Black shame to no end. In a calculated effort to tarnish Mike Brown and his community, police and mega media outlets constantly dispense inaccurate information.

The latest?

In an effort to discredit Mike Brown’s innocence, and shift attention away from Officer Darren Wilson, the media and police released doctored surveillance footage of a man resembling Brown robbing a convenience store. Never mind that the face of the suspect is unclear, major media houses and police alike guarantee the public that the person is in fact Mike Brown.

New reports show that the information was tampered with and edited in such a way to highlight culpability.

Independent news sites, and regular members of the Twitterati have a nasty habit of exposing the truth. And as an independent blogger, I deem it my responsibility to shed light on the true situation whilst on the ground.

So I’m headed to Ferguson next week. Why?

  • the rampant misinformation is troubling and intentionally misleading
  • the community of protesters have yet to be heard
  • police and media refuse to shift focus on Officer Darren Wilson as a murderer
  • the irresponsible character assassination is disheartening and unfair

I put in my time today, and despite forgoing a week’s pay, I know that this situation is bigger and more significant than my daily paper pushing.

I ask that you help in whatever way you can. We can donate via my Go Fund Me page.

Thank you.

photo 1  Arielle Newton, Editor-in-Chief. Get at me @BlackMusings. Get at us @BlkMillennials


7 responses to “Journey to Ferguson

  1. I’m going as well. I can’t stand by and watch this happen without seeing things for myself. And this is turning into a historical moment and I want to be part of progressive change taking place in an active way.


  2. I posted my answer on my blog. Good luck, stay safe but please don’t do it because of ratings or attention.


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