Lots of Titans, Little Melanin: Why We Need Black Superheroes

by Bob McNeil 

All through my childhood’s duration, I sought animated TV shows about superheroes. Far away from dictatorial family members, teachers and fellow students, I let my eyes marry cartoons. Whichever problem pursued me as a Black child was resolved between toy and cereal commercials. While wearing underwear outside of their pants, caped superheroes handled every issue.

At my present age, I no longer require costumed heroes; however, the need for them in society remains. Since the world is still a large and confusing place, children will always need righteous titans. These characters give young people a hyperbolized conception of growth and strength.   Comic books, cartoons and certain movies know that children are intimidated by our planet’s ways. Hence, these various industries issue out hope for kids.

If a character is unusual, young people will embrace it. Consider, if you will, these bizarre alpha males. After he was sent to another planet, a Kryptonian child became a Superman. Each time Billy Batson utters an enchanted word, he turns into Captain Marvel. Speaking of ranks, a rather scrawny private Steve Rogers, thanks to taking a scientific formula, winds up being Captain America.

Understand this, to propagate confidence, our next generation must have more diverse heroes. When I was an adolescent person, there were very few Black super humans. With each subsequent year, we will require heroic brothers and sisters. They will provide picturesque propaganda that our children will need for their fortitude.

Cartoonists, writers, directors and producers of African descent, let our children know about wondrousness self-respect. Your creativity can draw warriors who can trounce doubt.   Let your minds marry this cause and it will birth goodness.

Bob McNeil“Bob’s use of personification and metaphor, muckrakes the status quo into a defensive posture; his words of agitation set the right tone, for other things to come.”– Bruce George, Co-Founder of Def Poetry Jam


2 responses to “Lots of Titans, Little Melanin: Why We Need Black Superheroes

  1. Universal Greetings Bob McNeil of LOTS OF TITANS, LITTLE MELANIN: WHY WE NEED BLACK SUPERHEROES… This is an outstanding article and it Rings TRUE to all that it entails. I as a Creator & Founder of StarrRayCharacters Universe, have a great respect for your perspectives and from my upclose and personal experience in producing characters, comics and Music of Valor and Purpose for youth, I know exactly the kind of impact these things have on the youth and children that you’re speaking about. I get tired of our children, youth and even adults for that matter, seeing themselves as so-called heroes or superheroes that look nothing like them nor that can relate to the world they are living in. And yet, they easily embrace these archetypes with out question because they are highly used to see them all around them. please keep these kinds of subject matters going because it helps support why we are doing what we are doing here within the StarrRayCharacters (i e: Toons, characters and Supernaturals) Universe and it is my deep desire that it inspires many more artist and creators to create more archetypes of the same genre. Our youth need us to path the way for higher Inspirational Consciousness.

    Thank You
    For Real as Always

    Creator/Founder/Trademark Owner of the StarrRayCharacters Universe Expanding Franchise


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