LAPD Execute Unarmed Homeless Man in Broad Daylight

Disturbing footage of LAPD gunning down a homeless man approximately 5-6 times surfaced on the internet. Approximately 8 cops were involved in a confrontation with the man, whose name has not yet publicly been released. One officer was apparently wearing a body camera.

WARNING: The video is disturbing as hell. 

Already, LAPD is doing some lackluster public relations, but given their track record and notoriety, their empty and insignificant words have been met with righteous criticism.

The victim blaming begins almost immediately.

And then … LAPD urges us to “remember the fallen.”

It’s right of out of the playbook. And that’s why the predictability infuriates me, possibly even more than the murder itself. How many times will the criminal justice police system tell us lies, and justify the obvious murder of an unarmed man, whose impoverished socioeconomic situation just might have been a factor in his “resisting arrest.”

The racial justice community erroneously advocated for body cameras. I was once in that number. But it’s clear that video footage does nothing to deter the disturbing occurrence of police shooting civilians (which now averages about three deaths per day). Body cameras are just another weapon in their arsenal, and allows for private industry to profit handsomely on the surveillance of Black and Brown communities.

Miss me.

I don’t wanna hear about how he was “resisting arrest.” If you’re an officer of the law, you should be trained enough to deal with “difficult” civilians without killing them.

I don’t wanna hear about his criminal record, if he has one. Past indiscretions with the law does not justify his state-sanctioned execution.

I don’t wanna hear about “if he had just done this …” or any sentiment of similar ilk. Because if the state wants to kill you, it’ll kill you.

And you respectability folks…shut up most of all.

This man was executed. Plain and simple.

Expect a more analytical response in later days. This article, in its current presentation and fashion, was pure emotion.

Suggested Reading:Shooting Death of Unarmed Homeless Man by LAPD Reveals Deep Flaws in American Policing.” Sean King for Daily Kos.

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