Creflo Dollar: A Career of Swindles

On Friday, “Pastor” Creflo Dollar appealed to his congregation to contribute towards a plane totaling $65 million. Asking 200,000 people to “sow” $300 in a since-deleted page on his website, Dollar found himself the target of righteous social media fury.

But I wasn’t all that mad or surprised. As a capitalist televangelist, his entire business structure is built on swindles. I was more upset with his “flock” — those select followers who would think this pretentious and ostentatious request is religiously justified, if not morally acceptable.

Dollar has a long ass track record of selling snake oil. His entire World Changers Church International is built on prosperity gospels — that you’re not truly blessed with riches and wealth until you submit to his interpretation of Good Lordt. Poverty is a sin. Consumerism is healthy. Materialism is empowerment. And he’ll show you how to get rich (like him) if you pay him tithe.

His $65 million ask didn’t come out of nowhere. Let’s take a look at how he did it.

That time he said he would kill non-tithers.

That time he was arrested for assaulting his 15 year old daughter.


The time he and fellow swindler Leroy Thompson anointed money by running over cash offerings. Literally.

That time he was the subject of a Senate probe into the finances of 6 mega-churches. His defense, the Church brought his Rolls Royce, so it’s all good.

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Suggested Reading: $65,000,000 for a New Private Jet, Creflo Dollar? Negro, Please.” Kirsten West Savali, The Root.

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One response to “Creflo Dollar: A Career of Swindles

  1. Creflo is a lying,filthy snake in the grass!!! Only a fool would send him a penny! The sad part about it is people will send him tons od cash! What has the world come to? *sigh*


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