Am I the Only One Rooting for Karrueche?

We all know Karrueche Tran as one third of a lusty triangular mess co-starring Chris Brown and Rhianna. As Charlamagne tha God said, Karrueche was the perfect all-purpose woman; going from side to main chick with relative ease, Karrueche was a sidelined docility. She caused no stirs, looked pretty, and ultimately cemented the hyper-masculine bad boy image of the belligerent Chris Brown.

But now she’s stepping out of Chris Brown’s shadow, and people are starting to hate her for it. There was that mishap on BET 106 and Park, where she said something extremely stupid about Princess Blue Ivy. The Beyhive ripped her apart, Karrueche apologized, and a producer was suspended.

And the world kept spinning.

Then, after the announcement that Chris Brown has a secret lovechild, K Tran took to Twitter to tell us that she was breaking free from her well-rehearsed, unrelenting obedience.

K Tran tweet

Some Many took Karrueche’s newfound empowerment with the grainiest grain of micro-salt. And when Karrueche appeared with self-styled mystical guru Iyanla Vanzant, such suspicions were ostensibly confirmed.

But to me, it seems like lots of people want K Tran to fail. No matter what she does, what moves she makes, or what ventures she gets in to, I sense that some folks out here are hoping for public embarrassment and personal humiliation.

The ravenous desire for her self-destruction, to me, is rooted in an intangibly rhythmic patriarchal love for scandal.

It’s not that many of y’all hate women … just the type of woman that Karrueche represents. A woman who’s finding her independence outside of her proximity to a decorated and violent abuser. Some of y’all don’t like women who step outside a predetermined propagandized role that implies, infers, and reaffirms that certain brand of womanhood — a burdensome femininity that only exists to uplift the men that’s tied to and stained with it.

Y’all tried it with Amber Rose, but she checked y’all. And now Karrueche’s your latest punching bag.

Already, media outlets are reflexively validating her emotional interview with the inconsistent inklings of Chris Brown. Granted, the segment was about her relationship with Chris, but it was focused on her redemption … not his feelings.

And when Chris Brown policed her Instagram, there was no backlash — no outcry that a man who once called her a bitch in typical derogatory sexist fashion, had the nerve to publicly denounce her pseudo-sexual beachside display. Never mind the fact he was completely supportive when she appeared topless and in nude panties on the rolling out magazine cover. But she was under his propertied authority then, so that was totally okay.

Although his noted résumé of patriarchal bullshit causes me great angst, I do place his patriarchy within the demons of racism; I know his actions are, in part, the result of the repeated mongrelization of Black men under the brutal organism of heteronormative patriarchy — the byproduct of and reinforcement to white supremacy. But still, there’s limits.

And my limits reach to Karrueche.

So why am I rooting for her? Maybe it’s because I love a good underdog story. She’s been painted as a dimwitted trophy rebound — a passive girl with no spine whose only marketable skill is her subservience to Chris. But there’s more to her. She’s trained in graphic design; a profitable and auspicious skill set, especially in this day in age.

So, I’m rooting for her. I want her to win. I want her to be anointed in her own brand of slayage. I want her to overcome the obstacles that are piled against her, and show us the woman that we haven’t yet had the pleasure to meet.

photo 1

Arielle Newton, Founder/Editor-in-Chief. Get at me @arielle_newton. Get at us @blkmillennials.

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2 responses to “Am I the Only One Rooting for Karrueche?

  1. I’m rooting for her too, not because she is left in the wake which we know as Chris Brown, but because she seems insecure and a little weak. I think it’s pretty obvious from her media interviews that she attracts a certain type due to the energy she puts out. She’s clearly intelligent and has her whole life in front of her, but she is living under this cloud of “weak female victim”. Would love to see her find her voice, love herself more than her ex-boyfriend (that seems to define her) and make something of herself during her 15 mins of fame.


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