The Type of Person Who Donates to a Killer Cop

A GoFundMe fundraising page for Killer Cop Michael Slager was taken down after the crowdsourcing giant said the campaign “violated its terms and conditions.” GoFundMe, the go-to website, for folks in need of funding for projects, initiatives, and personal needs, was the target of righteous backlash after it hosted and profited from campaigns in support of Killer Cop Darren Wilson last year. Combined, the pages raised over $500,000, with GFM getting a 5% cut.

Typically a positive brand, the bad publicity didn’t sit well with the crowdsourcing platform. The vitriolic racist hate speech smeared on Darren Wilson’s campaign pages prompted the company to ban commenting, but the damage had already been done.

It doesn’t take a genius to guess a similar situation was coming now that video surfaced of a Killer Cop gunning down 50-year-old Walter Scott eight times, handcuffing his lifeless Black body, and planting evidence to absolve himself of racist criminality.

I’m sure the GFM boardroom was packed with lawyers, account managers, and public relations/marketing folks who, in a trance of déjà vu, remembered the backlash and were desperate to avoid the imminent Black rage if they were on their profit-before-People tip.

No applause for GFM for learning their lesson and doing what they’re supposed to do. And DEFINITELY no applause for Indiegogo, a competing site that stands by its decision to allow a pro-Slager campaign to be featured on its site. That ain’t where I’m goin’ with this.

I wanna turn my attention to the white folk who cry their white tears as they hand over their dollars in support of Killer Cops.

These are the folk so desperate to maintain the white supremacist system, that they’ll publicly donate large sums of money to reaffirm their white supremacist peace violence of mind. They’re not merely donating to a white Killer Cop; they’re reinvesting in a system — an institution of authority meant to quell, confine, surveil, endanger, and kill those Black folk they view mongrel and savage.

Large sums of money attributed to that $500,000 sum. Adjacent to their violent racist commentary, many of these people were giving upwards of $100. That tells me they have class privilege ($100 for most ain’t easy to part with). These are the folks who have the most to lose if the white supremacist authority network were completely destroyed. Not only would they lose their political, social, and cultural dominance, but they’d also lose their interpretive means of economic safety. And that scares the shit outta them.

Policing Black bodies is big business, lest we forget.

For those who donated less, let’s assume they’re middle- and low-income folk, which makes their donations even more problematic. With what little financial means they have, they’re still willing to fork over their money as a reinvestment in a white supremacist system. They’re so blind. They don’t realize that Black Liberation offers them benefits — that we’re trying to dismantle a system that preys on the poor and working class.

White supremacy relies on poor white ignorance to do its bidding uncontested and unchallenged, lest we forget.

Despite varies in class, some who donate to Killer Cop Campaigns do so with an inchoate obstinance. They’re stubborn, desperately clinging to post-racialism and colorblindness. Hence, they view their donation as a challenge to pro-Black folk who are unapologetic in our analysis that race is still the bedrock for state-sanctioned violence. Their visceral reaction is to ignore us, call us race-baiters, and use their finances to silence our growing Movement for Black Liberation. But of course, we know colorblindness is white supremacist window dressing meant to distract and disturb.

Colorblindness is a way to erase heritage and history that makes us uncomfortable. Colorblindness is a way to reaffirm whiteness as the default and status quo, lest we forget.

At the core, the folks who donate to Killer Cop Campaigns do so as a reinvestment with the expectation of a return — the return being the maintenance of white supremacy and its predatory operation that keeps Black voices silent and Black bodies dead.

*Feature Image Credit:

photo 1Arielle Newton, Founder/Editor-in-Chief. Get at me @arielle_newton. Get at us @BlkMillennials.




6 responses to “The Type of Person Who Donates to a Killer Cop

  1. I love this piece also. I can’t understand how there would be no shame in reinvesting into White Supremacy, and publicly at that. It also goes to show that some would rather place their bid into a cause that could potentially ruin them, in an attempt to win favor of those who are oppressing them. Some people want to be accepted so bad…TOO bad….


  2. I love this. Are black people hated so much by society that when we are killed people give money to our killers?


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