5 Things that Annoy the F Outta Me cuz of this Nicki Minaj-Mayo Swift Bullshit

Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift exchanged words on Twitter. And I’m completely annoyed. Here’s all the reasons why.

1. Seeing rich people go back and forth over something ultimately meaningless is infuriating.

Yes, I get it. Artists who demonstrate talent and indisputable command of their crafts desire recognition for their creative labor. And they especially deserve commendation if their artistic abilities inspire critical thought and reshape social behavior.

But the Video Music Awards, as with many white awards, ultimately holds little weight in the greatest scheme of things. A beacon of materialism, corporate politicking, and superficiality, it hurts to watch Black women crave and value something that was never meant for us to begin with.



2. ‘Anaconda’ wasn’t a good video. ‘Anaconda’ was a great song, but the video didn’t live up to Nicki’s lyrical prowess and stainless delivery, or the incredible production.

I’ve written previously that ‘Anaconda’ is problematic for a host of reasons — namely that it’s celebrated as a third-wave feminist hallmark of Black female sexual expression. I fervently disagree. Sexual expression doesn’t come with a corporate price tag. Black women’s sexual identity need not rely on or involve historical white supremacist mongrelized tropes that devalue our bodies for profit.

Nicki Minaj is part of a white male dominated corporate factory — and that’s where this marketing ploy finds itself.

And if I’m being *com-puh-leetly* honest, I don’t want this video praised by a white-centered award show, when the conglomerate industry has a deplorable track record of hyper-sexualizing Black women anyway.

Plus the “Feelin’ Myself” video was so much better because it was inured in supreme Black Girl Magic.


3. White girl fragility, victimhood, and savior-ism. Ew. White feminists are at it again. Playing victim against The Angry Black Woman. Get over it — Taylor Swift brought this upon herself. She took up space with no invite. She interpreted Nicki’s tweet to be about her, and responded on a self-centered assumption.

And in an attempt to mend relations — because white girls forever wanna stay cool with their Black girlfriend — she made the situation worse by offering to share her unearned white privilege.

Girl, bye. And your video sucked too.


4. White Media.

Portraying Nicki as crazy, angry, uneducated, unintelligible Black women …while, side-by-side, depicting Taylor in her white girl glory. Over it.


Entertainment Weekly soon deleted this tweet.

Entertainment Weekly soon deleted this tweet.


5. Sandra Bland.

Yea, remember her? Doctored dash-cam video released today shows the arresting officers were entitled racist disrespectful assholes. But what else is new? I haven’t watched the video, nor do I plan to. But since there’s a million tweets per second from newly-minted feminist warriors, perhaps we can escalate imminent mobilizations around Sandra Bland and Kindra Chapman’s death?

I’m no longer not one of those preachy “you-should-care-about-this, you’re-getting-distracted-by-that” types. As functioning, complicated humans, I have faith that we can walk and chew gum at the same time. So I’m sure that those of you are some deeply invested in this Minaj-Mayo Twitter frenzy, are similarly invested in Black women harmed by intra-racial and state violence.


*Featured Image Credit: www.rollingstone.com

11737805_10205617024438576_2107236448178302735_nArielle Newton, Creator. Head Girl of Ravenclaw. Get at me @arielle_newton. Get at us @BlkMillennials.



4 responses to “5 Things that Annoy the F Outta Me cuz of this Nicki Minaj-Mayo Swift Bullshit

  1. I love how you explain why things bother me, when I can’t find the words. I always look forward to your posts.


  2. You know whats crazy? You were just taking in a previous post about white feminists movements and how their agenda excludes the struggles that black women face. I’m pretty sure that was your post, I read (if not, my apologies lol). But anyway, I could definitely see that here. I saw SO many issues here, actually. I read an article that highlighted how Nicki was shunned for her album cover, Anaconda which exploited her near nude body while white women were posed identically on the covers of well-embraced issues of Sports Illustrated. Although I don’t at all condone the exploitation of our bodies, I am starting to see that there is a certain acceptance given to white women who publicly express/exploit themselves sexually; one that is not given to black women. This situation raised a lot of valid points on various issues and I’m having a blast exploring views that I never before considered.


  3. Basically I don’t like Taylor or Minaj for that matter. Although, I played Stupid Hoe when I drove to my job with my windows low to prove a point the other day, it seems to me that they just doing it for the sake of publicity at the MTV music video awards. Without it, people won’t even care about this silly crappy awards so-called show. There’s a lot of Black entertainers who sing good, dance excellently without twerking and dress modestly. But did they get the reward they’re searching, deserving for? Nope…


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