An Open Letter to Everyone

I am deeply in Love with Black People. And that makes me dangerous.

My Love for Black People is not like regular love. My Love isn’t like the love I have for Harry Potter, hot sauce, or beer.

My Love for Black People is something else entirely — rooted in an ancestral well of cultural traditions and decentralized mythologies that I will never have the capacity to holistically understand. My Love for Black People is a Love that I can’t, in this moment, explore with brevity, thoroughness, or accuracy.

My Love for Black People comes from my Love of Blackness. Where whiteness is a system of destruction, Blackness is a celestial spirit of Connection, Resiliency, Resistance, Majesty, Artistry, and overall Cultural Craftsmanship. Blackness does not need whiteness for its ethereal existence, and thrives in spite of it. Whiteness relies on Blackness for its survival.

Ironically, as Blackness thrives in its innovation and adaptation, whiteness adapts to encroach upon it. Whiteness takes the parts of Blackness that can be manufactured and diluted, and ultimately corrupts those segments for political, economic, and social gain. Some Holders of Blackness are fooled into believing that this corruption is actually an emblem of success, and soon turn into conduit power brokers and agents of whiteness.  They are dangerous because they understand how both the Spirit of Blackness and the system of whiteness works.

In order for whiteness to survive, it needs to kill Black bodies. The killing of Black bodies is a profitable market, and equates to enormous bottom lines. The military is the agent of whiteness that carry out this feat. Police are a domestic military.

The revenue generated that comes from the surveilling, imprisoning, and killing of Black bodies are too hard to fully calculate. The system of whiteness (especially as it relates to law enforcement), is so brilliant in it’s ability to intertwine various industries — private security and big data tech companies, construction and maintenance companies needed to build and maintain facilities, courts and judicial entities, motor vehicles, arms and weaponry, insurance, administrative and legal regulators, nonprofit industrialists, bureaucratic scholars … the list is gravely endless.

Whiteness depended on the death of Samuel Dubose, just as it did Rekia Boyd, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Islan Nettles, Freddie Gray, May Hall, Aiyana Stanley-Jones, Kindra Chapman, and so many others whose names become hashtags.

Even pro-Black civil unrest that righteously grows from Black death reinforces whiteness, as cops and other law enforcement agents are paid overtime to confine and quell our movements, pay private security firms to handle surveillance data, and are given reinforcements, equipment, weaponry, and access to other structures of whiteness that are more experienced in Black destruction.

There’s a lot I’m willing to do for my People, too much of which I cannot divulge here. In my Blackness, I am charged with preserving the wills, minds, and bodies of my People, and will do so in a manner I deem appropriate.

“You died.
I cried.
And kept on getting up.
A little slower.
And a lot more deadly.”

— Mother Assata 

*Featured Image Credit:

photo 1Arielle Newton. Founder/Editor-in-Chief. Get at me @arielle_newton. Get at us @BlkMillennials.


6 responses to “An Open Letter to Everyone

  1. This video is fantastic. I always wonder what the best steps are for allies (like me) are to take so that we’re not feeding/supporting the system that aims to repress and enforce inequality. Thank you so much for sharing and writing. Your voice is so clear and speaks truths so many of us (any race/gender identity) need to hear. Please keep it up.


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