Dear White People: Don’t Blame Me for Donald Trump

I’ve publicly expressed that I may not vote in the upcoming presidential election. I’m a radical pro-Black militant that views the presidential showcase as bullshit political theater adorned with promises that are captured in soundbites and stump speeches.

This current presidential contest is a complete shit show. On the “left” remains a white imperialist named Hillary Clinton. She represents everything I despise: dynastic politics, corporate white feminism, political pandering, and Machiavellian ambition. She’s running against Sen. Bernie Sanders, the breakout star of the progressive movement whose commitment to Black lives is ambiguous and inconsistent.

On the ultra-right remains Sen. Ted Cruz, a loathsome example of self-hate; former Gov. John Kasich, a union-busting, women-hating asshole; and Donald Trump, an amorphous blob that candidly spews racism, sexism, and Islamophobia to his really stupid supporters.

Now that he’s the heir-apparent for the Republican nomination, conservatives, liberals, and moderates are frantically propping up their preferred candidates in an effort to curb a possible Trump presidency.

There’s an undercurrent emerging from the anti-Trump ilk, mostly from white liberals and progressives  who support either Clinton or Sanders. This is the paternalistic white savior bunch — the type of white folk I imagine did a two-week intensive in South Africa during spring break to teach English to Black children while padding their resumes and social media profiles.

These are the folks that flood my mentions whenever I opine against the Democratic contenders, wear shorts and Uggs in November, and swear that Caitlyn Jenner is the standard-bearer for social progress while sipping asparagus water.

These are the folks whose awareness extends no further than two feet in front of them; they’re imprisoned in a fictive non-reality that their white privilege empowers. Their white privilege enables them to deny the various ways their relative comfort and supporting power structures rely on an incessant faucet of Black blood.

They are the Colorblind Brady Bunch that exclusively confines racism to colonial-era slavery that Dr. King completely eradicated through being polite, peaceful, and docile.

This assemblage loves to chastise Black folk who righteously criticize their favored Democrat. Hillary and Bernie are flawed, and installing either of them into office could very well mean that Black people are left behind, disenfranchised, surveilled, impoverished, and/or killed. Again.

But nah. #TeamMacchiato don’t wanna hear it cuz #DumpTrump.

So to the white people that silence Black voices in pursuit of symbolic political goals, I turn the mirror to remind y’all that y’all deadass created Trump.

Trump’s overt racism is the end result of boundless dog-whistling. There’s a Donald Trump in your life — from a family member, friend, or colleague — whose seemingly lighthearted racist jokes you’ve excused and anti-Black viewpoints you’ve ignored … or probably agreed with. Donald Trump happened because you subconsciously bought in to Fox News smear campaigns and refused to hold your local elected officials accountable when they were clearly fucking up.

You may have tweeted “fuck Republicans” and religiously watched Rachel Maddow, but you didn’t mount a comparative defense. You and your beloved Democratic Establishment ran scared from a raucous political battle. You went about your life because, despite all the racist vitriol that festered in the pre-Trump era, your white privilege kept you comfortable.

Your disgust of neo-facism was never towering or all-consuming. You might not have liked it … but you weren’t ready to fight against it. You weren’t ready to sacrifice or take personal or political responsibility.

Perhaps you had trouble recognizing the glaring racism because you were so beholden to post-racial colorblindness. You couldn’t see what communities of color saw so clearly. We knew that the election of President Obama did not ease racial tensions — it heightened them. We knew the core of the petulant backlash against Obamacare was nothing shy of anti-Black racism. We knew the government shutdown and birther “movement” were racist scare tactics.

We knew the signs, saw the signals, and warned you. And you ignored us.

So don’t come to us now and demand we perform political labor in propping up your underwhelming candidate.

Donald Trump is your mess to clean. Not mine.


Featured Image Credit:

photo 1Arielle Newton, Founder/Editor-in-Chief. Get at me @arielle_newton. Get at us @BlkMillennials.


2 responses to “Dear White People: Don’t Blame Me for Donald Trump

  1. Well, at risk of yet again provoking the #BernieMadeMeWhite meme, get ready. I’m a Caribbean Latina, not white. I have enough capacity to actually read Bernie’s policies and review his votes and speeches on the House and Senate floors to realize that (1) his free tuition policy opens college up for over 30% of black and Latino youth for whom it’s out of reach now; (2) his actual fight for $15 brings more women of color out of poverty while working than any other racial/ethnic/gender group; (3) his anti-war and anti-Drug War policies help more people of color not get bombed into oblivion, trapped between cartels and corrupt governments, and sent around the world as refugees than any other politicians’ foreign policies or drug policies. But hey, it’s “hip” to be anti- and opt out. So many do it, and have done it for so long, that we always end up with dirtbag corporate Dems or Repubs, more war crimes, more unaccountable cops and prison guards, more poverty. Opting out is the easiest thing to do, it’s not new, it’s been common for decades, it’s the only option that the poor and uneducated see, and changes nothing, really. Well, it does change things – for the worse. For educated poc to take on the helplessness of those of us who never even got through high school is pretty depressing, so I’ll just keep donating to and volunteering for Bernie, Lucy Flores, and Donna Edwards. I can’t bring Shirley Chisholm or Barbara Jordan back from the dead.


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