Join the Team

Black Millennials is an online hub devoted to pro-Black cultural empowerment. We envision this platform as a quality resource for Black young adults to come in safety and security.

In many ways, we’ve achieved this vision. In just over a year, we’ve connected with over 400,000 unique visitors, frequently published meaningful content, been shared in Black celebrity circles, and grew a following in the independent Blackosphere.

But there’s still work to be done. For the rest of the year, we’re focusing on team development. We’re recruiting emerging pro-Black talent with both potential and experience.

The ideal team is visionary in outlook. We’re ambitious dreamers that ultimately get shit done.

Below are some roles we’ve outlined as ideal. These roles are unpaid (blame capitalism) but we’re looking for Black folk who buy into the vision and are willing to invest their time and energy for Black cultural liberation.

BizDev (Business Development)

  • You don’t subscribe to capitalism, but you know how it works
  • A social entrepreneur, not only does the idea of creating something for the betterment of humanity drive you, but you actually know how to do it
  • You like numbers, budget plans, and boring ass Excel spreadsheets because you’re an analytical nerd
  • Innovator at heart, revolutionary in spirit
  • You don’t need oversight or micromanagement … you’re self-motivated
  • Unafraid to take risks, think creatively, and admit mistakes … you’re a warrior

Financial Planner

  • You like money just enough to plan for it without compromising core values
  • You’re savvy in grant research and writing
  • Crowdsourcing is your best friend, and you’re able to create *successful* online fundraising campaigns

Music Editors

  • You’re already tapped in to the underground music world and have dope relationships with artists, promoters, and/or industry execs
  • You possess a working knowledge of music history
  • You’re personable and able to conduct face-to-face interviews with talent
  • You can write and edit an album review in your sleep, and recruit others to do the same
  • You’re proactive, have basic grammar skills, and are an overall Black badass

LGBTQ Editors

  • As a self-identified Queer and/or Trans* Person of Color, you can write passionately from your lived experience
  • You’re familiar with QTPoC issues and can read, write, and research about them in a manner appropriate for BM
  • With connections in the field, you’re up-to-date with the latest goings-on in QTPoC culture, lifestyle, and terminology

Activism Reporters

  • Understanding that white supremacy is evil, you know there are always actions in support of freedom, liberty, and justice … and you want to cover them
  • You don’t mind picking up the phone, logging on to Skype, or having face-to-face convos with pro-Black activists and organizers across the country
  • You ask the right questions, take the right pictures, and use visual media for optimal reporting


  • We’re always looking for quality content! Please check out our submissions page for more details.

Culture Workers

  • Black culture is everything to you, and you’re currently working in the space
  • You’re launching a project and could use some help, exposure, and/or partnerships

Social Media Influencers

  • You have a large and dedicated social media following and want to bring BM to them
  • You’re cool with regularly sharing BM articles and updates to your online community … Digital Word of Mouth is essentially our lifeblood

Connections, Advice, and Tips

  • BM has an impressive Rolodex, but more connections never hurt!
  • We could always use feedback rooted in constructive Black Love. If you’re an industry professional or academic, please send advice on how we can broaden our viewership and grow our platform
  • If you have insights, tips, or knowledge of Black-centered events, movers and shakers, or other cultural developments, let us know!
  • Is there something we should be writing about? What types of articles would you like to read? Who are some Black bloggers we should be recruiting? Tell us!

Advertising for Black Owned Businesses

  • We strongly support Black-owned businesses, and offer reasonable rates to such enterprises

If you’re interested or have questions, please fill out the contact form below