What Do Overhead Gantry Cranes Do?


Overhead gantry cranes are a type of heavy lifting device that can be used for various applications. They can be installed indoors or outdoors and are easy to use.

These overhead gantry cranes do not rely on special support structures, which saves owner’s time and money when installing them and down the road if they need to be removed. They also provide more flexibility than stationary systems.


When you have a large shop and lots of heavy equipment that needs to be moved, overhead gantry cranes are the way to go. These cranes can move heavy equipment around and into repair areas, making it easier to access and repair factory machinery.

These cranes are also a great option for shops that need to load and unload vehicles or other items. They’re also useful for lowering heavy containers into shipping trucks and planes, which can be difficult with smaller cranes.


Overhead cranes are heavy-duty machines that can move heavy loads and equipment from one location to another in a warehouse or factory environment. They are also used for moving items outside in yards and at shipping ports.

The primary components of an overhead crane are a bridge, wheeled trolley and hoist. Each part is controlled by software and electronics to work together for safety and ease of operation.

Gantry cranes are slightly different from bridge cranes. They feature two a-frame rigid steel legs that are often equipped with casters for moving.


When you need to move very heavy materials, you can use an overhead gantry crane. These types of cranes can lift loads that are up to 160 tons.

They also support a wide variety of applications and work areas. They can help improve workflow in your facility and provide better control and precision of your load.

The type of overhead gantry you choose will depend on the specific requirements of your operation. The location of your equipment and other workers, as well as any potential obstructions, will also impact your choice.


Overhead gantry cranes are an efficient and safe way to move heavy and bulky loads from one place to another. They can be used to load and unload containers or materials onto aircraft, trains and trucks.

Overtime cranes are available in various styles, including portable gantry cranes and adjustable gantry systems. These are designed with casters or rubber wheels that allow them to be moved anywhere throughout a facility, reducing floor space.

They can also be floor mounted on a dedicated support or connected to the building’s support beam. This allows for better work space flexibility.