Annotated CRFs Helping Fight Coronavirus

annotated crfs

The coronavirus, or COVID 19 as it is officially called, is starting to spread all over the world. The efforts to try and stop the spread of this highly contagious new virus is proving difficult, and the safety of the world now lies in the hands of medical teams who are working tirelessly to try and find a vaccine. This vaccine needs to rolled out across the world as soon as possible, but getting a new vaccine ready for a population usually takes years, sometimes as long as 10 years in total. So how can we cut this time down and get one in a years time frame? This is hard to answer, but there is one way that we can use annotated CRFs to speed up the process.

annotated crfs

What Are Annotated CRFs?

Every pharmaceutical drug that is made for use in humans must to go through the regulation process after the pharmaceutical team developing the drug has gone through all stages of human clinical trials.  When the drug in question is submitted to the regulator for examination, it is submitted alongside huge compilations of data that relate to the performance of the drug during the clinical trials.  The same goes for vaccines, which is exactly why researchers need to work round the clock if they want to combat the spread of the coronavirus.  The usual clinical trial process can take anywhere from 5-15 years, and that is before the vaccine even gets to the regulation stage. Annotated CRFs from Formedix can severely reduce the time it takes to get a new drug through this time-consuming process.

annotated crfs

Corona Vaccine Skipping Animal Trials

Every single pharmaceutical that has ever been made, whether it is a drug or a vaccine, usually goes through animal testing before moving onto human clinical trials.  There is no official law against this process, but it does go completely against the protocol of how things have been done in the past to ensure safety.  The regulators require that the manufacturer provides proof that the drug is safe before it goes into human trails, and that is how it has always been done. The coronavirus pandemic, however, is not usual circumstances, and there have been a few medical laboratories that have skipped the later stages of animal testing. It is true that drastic events call for drastic measures, but this is completely unprecedented in the medical world. Sceptics are saying that this is a dangerous thing to do and we should be careful how we proceed.

medical trials

Creating a Vaccine In One Year

If this 1-year timeline is to be kept to we have to make some radical changes to the way that we do these medical trails. It is clear that in these circumstances, where the arrival of the outbreak was so sudden, we are going to have to go against the norm and come up with a new approach that gets a viable vaccine out to the population as quickly as possible. The coronavirus will continue to affect and kill many people, so a vaccine is necessary to get the population immunised.