Here Are 5 Easy Ways to De-Stress



Many people find exercise a way to clear the mind. Exercise is proven to have many mental health benefits as well as physical and can improve mood. It could be as simple as taking a 20-minute walk for fresh air, away from your stressful situation that could decrease your mental stress.



Meditation has come a very popular relaxation technique over the past two years. It has been proven to provide cardiovascular benefits, as well as calming your mind and senses in order to think calmly and logically.


Take Time for You

It is crucial for everyone to take time out of their day to do something they enjoy. That could be watching your favourite TV show, eating your favourite food, being around people who bring you joy etc. Taking ‘you’ time should be implemented into everyone’s routine and lifestyle.

Turn Off Social Media

A lot of the time, in this digital age, many people find social media a negative factor in their mental health. When you feel stressed, anxious or sad, it can be beneficial to turn away from social media for a short (or long) period of time depending on how much time you need. It can distract us from what is really going on around us.


Write It Down

A popular trick often used in therapy for combatting our stresses, is to write it down. Write our troubles and stresses down to see it physically on paper and it can lead us to think more rationally. If you don’t have someone to turn to in that moment to talk it out, write it down for yourself. This can open your mind to see the issue from other angles.