A Brief History About Hip Hop Book

hip hop

A Brief History About Hip Hop is a book by Richard Wright, which talks about the different aspects of Hip Hop. He says that Hip Hop is not one thing but an ever-changing culture that is continuously changing the face of Hip Hop through the influences and influence of people around the world. It has become so popular in recent years that it can be found in schools, colleges, universities, youth centres, and even on the Internet where you will find people talking about it on blogs and forums. It can be found in many book stores and libraries as well as on the Internet.


The book talks about the early years of Hip Hop and what happened to the various artists that were famous at the time like Rakim, Flavor Flav, Big Daddy Kane, N.W.A, Tupac Shakur, and others. He also talks about the social aspect of Hip Hop such as what went on when these musicians were arrested for drug crimes or were killed. He also talks about the political aspect such as what was going on in different places in the world and how it influenced the different cultures and the way they see things and the way that they are seen by the people in other cultures. He also goes into the social and economic aspects which include how the music changed during the different times of the Hip Hop era such as when the first sample was used and how much the record companies paid the artists and their agents for samples to use. He goes into the social and political aspects of the music and he also discusses the different styles of Hip Hop as well.


The book talks about how the styles of Hip Hop change over time. It also discusses what type of music is best suited to different kinds of audiences. You will find many examples of music samples throughout the book as well as some of the famous artists that you might have heard about before. Overall, this is a great book that is worth your time and the money that you would spend on it because it gives a great look at what Hip Hop is all about.

hip hop