The Problem With Millenials


Many people have a very limited understanding of the millenials and what they believe, think and do. In most cases, the millenials are defined as the people in their late twenties to early thirties. They are considered “different” from the previous generations who were considered to be the Baby Boomers. This group is often considered to be somewhat selfish and self-centered. The millenials have the tendency to not be interested in sharing responsibilities, they want more freedom and have become more materialistic than before.


Their thoughts and behavior are considered to be different from the previous generations, yet these traits may not always be true. Many Millenials will work hard, but they also have the tendency to make mistakes and not try to make things right. They are not interested in learning how to work as a team, instead they are focused on themselves and their own lives. They tend to spend a lot of time at the computer and do not really interact with other people. There are still many things that they are interested in.


If there are different groups of people in this generation, it will also be important to note that they have different views of money. Most of them do not believe in saving money, which they do not have no use for, and do not consider the value of having it saved. They do not care about spending money and only care about their own needs. Many people are concerned that this group will soon lose their jobs, which they do not believe. Many will start their own businesses to either save money or to help others and these are known to be great sources of income for them.