Top Tips For Tattooing on Dark Skin


For people with brown or black skin, there is some additional information that you should be aware of if you are thinking of getting a tattoo.

Lighter skin is quite different from dark skin, and because of this, the process of tattooing dark skin should be approached differently.

Whether it is the colours that you choose to use in the skin, or the aftercare process, there are some key differences for tattooing dark skin that you should know about and your artist should know about.

Take a look at our top tips for people with dark skin who want to get a tattoo on dark skin.

This advice has been given by a professional tattooist with over 20 years’ experience and a whole host of previous clients with dark skin.

What Colours Should I Get?

First up is colour, which is the most commonly asked question by those with darker skin.

Generally, black and grey work is going to look the best and have a long-lasting impression in terms of how clear and distinguished the tattoo is.

Certain colours of ink don’t work well on any skin types, and a few colours are best avoided by those with black or brown skin.

Purple will not be very clear or visible on dark skin, and yellow and while will always fade and sometimes disappear altogether.

What About Scarring?

Some extra precaution should be used when tattooing black skin, since it can keloid (scar tissue that overgrows around a wound.

If you are prone to keloids, you must inform your artist, and we recommend taking the time to make sure your artist has lots of experience tattooing darker skin.

The artist should know to adjust the way they work to suit your skin, and may have to reduce the power and not overdo it in one area of the skin.