What Happens When You Fail a Workplace Drug Test

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It is a nail-biting moment for a person who has submitted his CV for a job interview, and then the  company demands a report for drugs and alcohol. It is mandatory to present the clean-chit that you have not consumed any illegal drug or alcoholic beverages.

Sometimes the company doesn’t require you to bring the report from any external lab and collect the sample on the job!

It is an alarming situation for a person who is a drug addict, or has high blood alcohol concentration. What happens if they pass the alcohol and drug test in the UK?

If you wonder what will happen if the report of testing in the workplace comes positive, this post will answer your question.

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What Will be the Consequences of a Positive Drug Test Report?

Certain factors decide the future of a drug addict in the company once he is identified. The following are some possible outcomes for someone who fails in testing in the workplace.

No chance of selection

If someone fails the pre-employment screening test and still thinks that the company will pick him up even after failing the screening test, he lives in a fool’s paradise.

It doesn’t matter how qualified the person is; some companies strictly follow their zero-tolerance policy for illegal drugs and alcohol.

It depends on the company to blocklist you so you cannot apply again for any other job.

Reconduct the Test

The loyalty and sincerity of the employer matter a lot. If you are associated with an organisation and have served the company with your full zeal and zest, the company can ask you to provide the sample for reconduct.

Indeed, it is a bit shocking and heart-wrenching to lose a hard-working and efficient employer. Therefore, to eliminate the chances of false-positive results, they will send your sample to another authentic lab to confirm the results.

Wild Card Entry

The second test report also comes positive; now, this is dangerous for your career. But as mentioned earlier, the owners also don’t want to expel sincere workers. 

There is a probability that they may give you a second chance to serve the company and to stop using illicit drugs and ethanol-containing drinks.

On moral grounds, you will not have any reason to stay in the company, but the wild card entry will keep your position intact.

Treatment Option

A worthy employee is an asset to the owner. Hence your boss may call you privately and discuss the matter in detail. He may ask you for treatment and send you to a rehabilitation centre to support you and your family.

Sending to Prison

If you refuse all the options and turn down all the favours of your boss, he may put you behind bars, declaring you a drug addict.

You cannot do anything as he will have the proof in his hand in the form of drug test reports. 

All in a nutshell

Alcohol, tobacco, cocaine, marijuana, hashish, opioids, and steroids are not only harmful to your mental and physical health but can also ruin your entire social and personal life. 

Once you are declared a drug addict, your career will be finished. Hence, it is wise to stop using any item which can be a hurdle to your success.