Why I Had To Sell My House Fast


We recently covered the black housing situation in our blog post here, and received some amazing responses from people all around the world telling us their story.  The recent global pandemic events have really affected the world in so many ways. People are feeling the struggle socially, economically and mentally. Many people have lost their jobs, everyone is stuck in lockdown, and people are unable to see their loved ones. We have had so many people saying that they are unable to see elderly relatives who are especially fragile at this time. The coronavirus is testing us all in so many different ways, but we wanted to share a very compelling story with you all that we found particularly interesting. We received an email titled: ‘why I had to sell my house fast‘ and we just had to share the story that it contained.

sell my house fast

The Story of Why I Had To Sell My House Fast

This is the story of how the recent global pandemic events led to me having to sell my house fast. I own a small hair salon here in California, and it is pretty difficult to work at home when you are in the beauty industry. When the lockdown was announced, I knew that we were going to have to make some changes. I had a lot to think about, like staff, business rent, business support, bills, you name it. On top of all this, I realised that the only way to ensure the safety of the business was for me to not take a salary. This meant that I wouldn’t be able to keep up my mortgage payments, so I would have to downsize.

sell my house fast


Moving House During Corona

It was certainly a stressful time for our household. It was a decision that was not made lightly, however it was necessary in order to ensure the survival of the business and our lifestyles. Moving house during the coronavirus pandemic did not come without its own challenges. For starters, we found it tricky to get people interested in buying, and we knew that we would need to move quickly in order to survive. The traditional route of selling with an estate agent would have taken months to finalise a sale, so we decided to enlist the help of an online cash home buying service. We searched around and made sure to find a reputable buying company, then got in touch. Within a few weeks, we had finalised the sale and had the cash in our bank.


Advice For People During Coronavirus

We wanted to give some advice for people who may be in the same situation during this time. Many people have built up a certain lifestyle for themselves and when the going gets tough, the are reluctant to let it go. It is always better to downsize in a situation like this to ensure the longevity of your lifestyle, rather than trying to maintain it short term. People have become very obsessed with image and status, and would rather pile on the debt that to live within their means. Never be ashamed to downsize.